We will carry out a complex installation of water, waste, heating, health technology

We have experience in the field of heat pumps since 2010. We provide solutions, not alternatives. Authorised Hotjet partner.

The heat pump is safe, economical and environmentally friendly


The heat pump can be controlled and managed remotely via the internet.


It is safe, does not burn, cannot explode and produces no emissions.


Be independent from other charges and energy sources.


With a heat pump, you save money. Your investment will pay for itself in a short time.

Heating and cooling

A heat pump can not only heat, but also cool actively, passively.

Why us?

Our company’s priority is to always bring new, functional, affordable and proven solutions to the market. With the right choice of heat pump and professional design of heating solution during the construction or in an existing building, we can save a significant part of the initial investment and operating costs. We offer transport, replacement of old heaters, installation of the technology, commissioning, remote management and warranty and post-warranty service.

Grandplus Slovakia – your reliable partner.

Your reliable partner

A new generation of heat pumps manufactured using the highest quality materials and fitted with top components from world-class manufacturers. Compressors Copeland, Panasonic, Sanyo, revolutionary Digital Scroll stepless power control, Siemens modules, soundproofing by multiple damping, DHW heating by means of stainless steel heat exchanger and thus meeting the most stringent hygiene standards place Hotjet products at the forefront of the world market. HOTJET heat pumps harness the energy of nature and the earth and are therefore an ecological, intelligent and environmentally friendly solution for you and our planet.


A heat pump is a compressor machine that uses electricity. It draws heat from the outside environment to cool and heat the indoor space …


Storage tank hot water heating in a boiler has some disadvantages. For example, it becomes clogged with sediment and sludge due to the constant water change inside, bacteria colonies can form …


In our offer you can find sensors and accessories, RVS 41, RVS 61 for heat pumps, displays QAA78, QAA75, AVS37, sources and heating circuits, RVA78 for solar systems …

Green households

Under the Green for Households project, it will be possible to obtain support for the installation of heat pumps that will be used primarily for heating. A heat pump is a device that uses heat from the outside environment. It is mainly designed for low-temperature heating systems, such as underfloor, wall or ceiling heating, in houses with good thermal insulation. Thanks to the efficient use of renewable energy, heat pumps reduce household operating costs for heating and hot water.