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Within the Green Home project, it will be possible to get support for the installation of heat pumps, which will be used primarily for heating. A heat pump is a device that uses heat from the outside environment. It is mainly designed for low-temperature heating systems, such as underfloor, wall or ceiling heating, in houses with good thermal insulation. Thanks to the efficient use of renewable energy, heat pumps reduce household operating costs for heating and hot water.

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Heat pumps can harness energy from the surrounding air, ground or water to heat water for heating or hot water. Air-to-water, ground-to-water and water-to-water heat pumps that meet the specified technical conditions will be supported. Depending on how the heat is transferred to the space, this source can also be used to cool the house.

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Heat pump installations will only be supported if the following requirements from the Operational Programme on Environmental Quality are also met. In family houses: if the installation of the heat pump does not lead to the disconnection of the household from the centralised heat supply system (CHP) or to a significant deterioration of the parameters of the CHP system;

Technical conditions

The heat pump meets the technical conditions if:

(a) it is designed to use aerothermal, geothermal or hydrothermal energy;

(b) it has been issued by an accredited testing body with proof of the rated output specified for the type and temperature characteristic used:

ground – water: 0 °C / 35 °C;
air-water: 2 °C / 35 °C;
water – water: 10 °C / 35 °C;
(c) its efficiency (COP), depending on the type of heat pump, reaches the following minimum values according to the technical regulation, as certified by an accredited testing laboratory:

ground-to-water heat pump, with temperature characteristic 0 °C/35 °C: >4,3
air-to-water heat pump, at a temperature characteristic of 2°C/35°C: >3,3
(defrost power and fan power must be included in the performance figure)

water-to-water heat pump, at a temperature characteristic of 10°C/35°C: >5,1
(d) has been issued with a declaration of conformity.

Eligible expenditure

Eligible expenditure for the installation of heat pumps shall be:

  • heat pump
  • storage tank
  • water storage tank/ storage water heater; ground boreholes;
  • components necessary for the operation of the
  • heat pump (e.g.: circulation pump, expansion vessel, valves, equithermal control, control unit);
  • installation material necessary for the connection of the heat pump;
  • installation work;
  • the tests and inspections necessary to put the equipment into operation.
    Planned rates and maximum voucher values for the installation of a heat pump in a family house

€ 370 per 1 kW of heat pump output; maximum aid of € 3 700 for the installation of a heat pump.