Having problems with your heat pump? Follow these instructions:

1. Contacting the installation contractor

We recommend that you first contact whoever installed the heat pump. Most common problems arise on the heat system or wiring side, and it is easiest to have the problem checked out by someone who knows the installation.

2. Contact us

If your installation company is unavailable, contact us directly by filling out the service request form below.

3. Remote service over the internet

Technicians will attempt to analyze and possibly resolve the issue remotely over the internet. This is why it is important to have a webserver up and running and connected, which is usually supplied with the heat pump. Remote connection is the fastest and cheapest way to resolve the situation in minutes to hours. The web server will allow you to monitor the operation and continuously make an evaluation after a few days.

4. Service call

In the event that a service call requires an on-site visit, an on-site service is scheduled and arranged with the service call technician.

Service form

We trust that we will resolve your request quickly to your complete satisfaction. Service dispatch by phone, weekdays:

9:00 – 16:00h on phone number

+421 904 176 837